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Tag: turn off 3G

Samsung Focus i917 tricks: turn off 3G

You can find no available options to turn off 3G on your Samsung Focus i917, because AT&T or Microsoft has hiden this feature, so there is no visible options to disable 3G on the Samsung Focus. But you really want to turn off it due to some reason, what should you do? here you can […]

How to turn off 3G on Samsung Galaxy Tab

I think all Samsung Galaxy Tab users would like to use 3G when they are using the device, the 3G brings more convenience to them, and the default network setting is using 3G (WCDMA). If the 3G signal around you is not stable, your Samsung Galaxy Tab will keep searching for the 3G signal, that […]

How to turn off 3G on Samsung Omnia 7 i8700

Do you find the battery life is too short on your Samsung Omnia 7 i8700? One way to increase the battery life is to turn off 3G. Acutally, on one will use 3G all the time, but your Samsung Omnia 7 turns on 3G automatically, if you don’t disable 3G on your phone, it will […]