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Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 user manual and PC Sync/Kies

The Samsung Galaxy Chat is a bar-style android phone, with QWERTY keyboard just bellow the touchscreen, many people prefer physical keyboard to virtual touch keyboard. For those who would like to have a message android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 is now available for you. And if you have bought the handset, but didn’t […]

Samsung Wave M S7250 driver and PC Sync download

Samsung released its newest Kies to all users at the beginning of this year. If you are searching for driver and PC Sync for your Samsung Wave M S7250, you will get them here. The driver and PC Sync are in Kies. When you install Kies on the computer, the USB driver will be installed […]

Samsung Wave 3 S8600 Kies and PC Sync download

As you know, you can transfer files such as music files and photos between a computer and an android cellphone without USB driver, but how about Bada cellphones? To transfer files from or to a computer on Samsung Wave 3 S8600, you must have driver installed on the computer. Samsung gives driver and other useful […]