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How to set music as text message tone on Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop S5570

One advanced feature on the android smartphone is that you can set your own music as text message tone, this option is not available on feature phones. Though I have explained many times about setting music as text message tone on many Samsung android phones, I think I have to repeat this trick again here […]

Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop S5570 user manual

Here you can get the user manual pdf file for the Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop which is a composed Samsung Galaxy S i9000 device. It is called Samsung Galaxy Pop in India while it is to be called Samsung Galaxy Mini in T-Mobile US when released later. It is a commen rule that different […]

How to reset Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

Your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 has many features, if there are too many apps and files in your cellphone, your device will run slowly, you will also encounter some problems that you can not solve, what to do? You need to reset Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570. Once you perform hard reset on your mobile phone, […]