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How to transfer MP3 files to Samsung Intensity II u460

The Samsung Intensity II u460 is not only a nice cellphone, but also a nice MP3 player, you can listen to your favourite MP3 files when you are on the way to your work place, and we have told you where to download ringtones, of course you can transfer free MP3 files directly from your […]

How to set notification ringtone on Samsung Intensity II u460

We gave you a great site to download free ringtone for your Samsung Intensity II u460 a few days ago, I think you should have download some songs you like, or you can go to download now. After you have downloaded you favourite ringtones, the following step is to set them as your phone ringtones.-Samsung […]

Samsung Intensity II u460 free ringtone download

If you want to download free ringtone to your Samsung Intensity II u460, here is a good place. Besides default ringtones, we can set other sound files as ringtone on our device, such as MP3 files, voice recordings. They enrich ringtones on Samsung Intensity II. We still can find there are many interesting ringtones we […]